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             Welcome to Seattle! This paper will give the reader an detailed look at many important aspects of the city and what its like there. We will be looking at everything from the arts scene to the political structure to economy and current industries, and much more. There's a lot to cover so lets begin.
             The "birth" of Seattle is marked by the November 13, 1851, landing of settlers at Alki Beach in what is now West Seattle. Due to the windy conditions at Alki Point most of the settlers, the Denny Party, relocated to the site of present-day Pioneer Square the following spring. Seattle's first major industry was started by Henry Yesler. On October 20, 1852, construction began on his sawmill, which was located at the foot of Yesler Way and First Avenue South. March 26, 1853, the Yesler Sawmill cut the first lumber in King County. The road down which the logs were rolled was originally called "skid road" and this led to the expression "skid row".
             March 2, 1853, marked the signing, by U. S. President Filmore, of a bill passed by Congress that established the Washington Territory. The University of Washington cornerstone was laid on May 21, 1861. The university was located in downtown Seattle until the move to its present campus on Lake Washington in 1895. One interesting fact is that primary grade subjects were taught along with other subjects until 1902 when the university abolished preparatory subjects and became an institution of higher learning only. In the summer of 1876, Miss Clara McCarthy became the first person to graduate from the University.
             The first eleven Mercer Girls arrived from the East Coast on May 16, 1864. Seattle resident Asa Mercer, who also taught the University's original students, recruited the group to provide teachers for the young community and to alleviate the problem of lack of women in the Puget Sound area. These women and others that followed were the basis for the 1960's television series "Here Come the Brides".

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