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Diary of a Young Girl:Anne frank(First half of book Summery

             This is Anne's first entry in her new journal. She hopes to be able to confide everything to it.
             Anne explains how she received her Journal as a birthday present and describes her birthday party. She then describes all the students in her class.
             Saturday, June 20, 1942 .
             Anne describes life as a Jew in Germany in the 1940's. She can only enter certain stores and shops and has other unfair rights. She also tells her diary about herself and her family.
             Saturday, June 20, 1942.
             Anne explains that her and her friends have started a ping-pong club called the "The Big dippers Minus Two". Anne also explains how some boys in school want to be her beau. But she's never interested in them.
             Sunday, June 21, 1942.
             Anne is a chatterbox in class, so as punishment she has to do extra homework. She did essay after essay and finally was assigned an essay entitled "Quack, Quack, Quack," said Mistress Chatterbox". Anne had no idea what to write so her friend helped her write the entire essay in Rhyme. It was a great laugh and the teacher took the joke well.
             Wednesday, June 24, 1942.
             After school a 16-year-old boy was waiting for Anne after school named Hello Silberberg. He offered to escort her home and they walked and talked. Anne expects he will want to walk her home from now on.
             Wednesday, July 1, 1942.
             Hello said that Anne is much more interesting then his girlfriend Ursula, which made Anne happy. Hello also said that his Grandmother feels she is too young for him, but Hello wanted to continue seeing Anne. Hello then broke up with Ursula and said he likes Anne better. Anne feels Hello loves her but she doesn't love Hello.
             Sunday, July 5, 1942.
             Anne's father said they would be going into hiding soon so they won't be seized by the clutches of the Germans.
             Wednesday, July 8, 1942.
             Anne's sister, Margot had a call up, which means the Germans would take her away. This mean that the family would have to go into hiding.

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