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The Diary of Anne Frank

            The Diary of Anne Frank was first published in 1947. Twenty-five million copies have been sold and it has been written in fifty-four different languages. There have been a lot of reviews on this literary work. These reviews have been from great authors to simple students such as me. We all have our own perspective and view on this everlasting and memorable book. .
             This book is written by a young Jewish girl. It is one of the wisest and most moving commentaries on war and its impact on people, and their lives. The book is about a girl that kept a diary while hiding from Nazi's in Amsterdam for two years. She being Anne Frank was given a journal for her thirteenth birthday. She simply summarized her life for the two years in this extraordinary journal. Her diary ends when the Nazi's found her and her family. Her family was all killed but her father. Her father found the journal after Anne's death. .
             The diary shows the typical adolescence of Anne with her constant arguments with her mother. It also deals with the day to day hiding her and her family went through. The saddest part is in the diary is were she talks about how she had to talk to her friend Hanneli Gaslar across a barb-wire barrier at the Bargen Belsen concentration camp shortly before her death. The diary tells about the constant fear and isolation, imprisoned not only by the terrible circumstances of war but by wars greatest evil- the humiliation of the spirit of the human race. It also shows that despite the horror and the humiliation of their lives they never gave up.
             Anne Frank rewrote her diary about two months before she was captured because she wanted her journal to be published after the war and she wanted to peruse a career in journalism. This makes it hard to tell what was in her original copy and what or if any thing was left out or added. .
             The Diary of Ann Frank is criticized worldwide by many different individuals.

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