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The diary of anne frank

            If you were put in Anne's father's position would you have published her diaries or kept them as memories for yourself? Her diaries contained some of her innermost feeling as well as her opinions of others, but they also had historical significance. Otto Frank (Anne's Father) was reluctant to release his daughter's diaries probably for many reasons. Because of basic respect for his for the dead and the fact that that Anne's heart and soul were in her diaries her father had a difficult decision in deciding whether or not to publish Anne's diaries.
             Anne's father found it difficult to publish some of the unflattering things that Anne had said about many of the people that resided in the Secret Annex. Otto Frank wanted to respect his deceased family. However, Anne made it difficult for him to do that because she wrote reserve about her likes and dislikes about everyone. Anne is fits of rage often used phrases in her diaries as " I don't love her and I don't enjoy doing it (as in helping her out) I can imagine Mother dying someday- (page 51) (about her mother). So, seeing the fact that every husband loves and wants to cherish his wife how could he allowed that to be published with his on it? Also, Anne certainly had people that she favored in the house, while others in the house she gave off the opinion (to the reader) that they were downright terrible people. Anne said unkind things about everyone that lived in the household except possibly her father and Peter. Otto just didn't want his family and friends good name dragged through the mud by his daughter's changing teenage feelings. For that he's a very respect about man.
             Anne's father found it difficult to publicly release her diaries in part because of the way she used her diaries to confide in. She trusted that what she wrote in her diaries would stay unknown. Her diary was someone that would listen to her that she knew wouldn't tell anyone what Anne said.

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