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Anne Frank

            Anne Frank believed that deep down inside, all human beings were good. Obviously, she never saw the Nazi concentration camps before she wrote that down in her diary. She didn't know much about World War II when she was alive back in the 1940's. She only knew that she was hiding in the Secret Annex so the Nazis wouldn't find her. I will agree with her saying that all human beings are good only because she said "deep down inside".
             From The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne lived in the Secret Annex without knowing fully what was going on. "I expect I should be describing what it feels like to go hiding. But I don't really know yet myself."(Frank 463) She didn't know very well about the Nazi concentration camps. She was just following her parents" directions during those years. This is why she wrote that quote like she did.
             From the book Night, I believe Elie would have disagreed with Anne about all human beings being good deep down inside. Elie was put through enough in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Buna, Gleiwitz, and Buchenwald. He saw the evil in the Nazi soldiers and never imagined that they could ever change back to being good. I believe that once someone has turned from good to evil, it is nearly impossible to turn them back. In Night, the victims of the concentration camps didn't even think about trying to turn the Nazis back to good. "Our first act as free men was to throw ourselves onto the provisions. We thought only of that. Not of revenge, not of our families. Nothing but bread."(Wiesel 109).
             From my experiences reading about the Holocaust and visiting the Holocaust Museum, I believe someone or something turns a person evil over time. I think most people turn evil from their parents, their rulers, or from censorship in the town they are living in. I do not believe that a person can turn evil on his own. Hitler, the leader of the Nazis, was the one who turned all of the Nazi troops evil.

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