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Anne Frank

             She was the girl who showed a positive attitude when times got rough, she was Anne Frank. Born on June 12, 1929, Anne popped into this world with a spirit that could not be broken. Ever since the beginning of her life, she was a Jew. In her story, she could not have the simple necessities that we take for granted in our everyday lives. Through all this, Anne Frank still thought that people are good at heart, even though prejudice still roamed everywhere.
             She would act like any teenager in the world, yet she was not allowed to have all the fun a teenager enjoyed. Anne loved to dance, sing and goof around. But because of hatred and the Holocaust, she was either in hiding or in concentration camps, locked away from the joys of everyday life. "You know the most wonderful part about thinking yourself out? You can have it any way you like It's funny I used to take it all for granted and now I"ve gone crazy about everything to do with nature." She was always there with a high spirit, yet still aware of the enclosed space. Anne didn"t let this little glitch in her life take away from all the fun she could have been having. Her spirit is one of the things you can"t not love about her.
             "Despite everything, I still believe people are good at heart." This is what Anne said in her diary. In spite of all the prejudice, she still believed this. Forgetting what the Nazis and Hitler did to her and her family. Anne didn't do a thing to deserve this, all she did was be a Jew at the wrong era of time. Treated like a piece of trash by the Germans, just waiting to be thrown away or killed. At Belsen, she was just another Jew in a swarm of hundreds of thousands people, just awaiting his/her death toll. Yet she keeps her chin up, and keeping her warm heart.
             Without prejudice, there may not have been a World War II. In the dictionary, prejudice means a biased opinion based on emotion rather than reason; bias against a group, race, or creed.

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