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Macbeth - Evil Triumphs, Never Conquers

            In the words of an anonymous person, "In literature, evil often triumphs, but never conquers." In other words, people are often driven by evil, causing them to commit evil actions. These evil influences are either internal or external. However, evil never prevails; it's either beaten by one's realization or from an outside force. A literary work that supports this quote is Macbeth by William Shakespeare through the use of tragic flaw, characterization, conflict, foil, irony, and symbolism. In this literary works, characters are influenced by evil actions, only to be defeated at the end.
             In Macbeth, the main character, Macbeth, is driven by evil but is then defeated due internal forces through the use of tragic flaw and characterization. Early in the play, Macbeth's violent persona was shown through his actions, such as hacking Macdonald's head off. His violent characteristic is also shown when he is compared to an eagle and lion, which conveys not only violence, but savagery and nobility. To supplement on that, his determination is shown when he had to work and fight twice as hard against the opposing army at a certain point. However, these characteristics are driven by ambition as seen from the quote, "I have no spur. To prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition, which overleaps itself and falls on the other" (1.7 26-30). Spurs are used in order for a horse to go faster, but according to the quote, he has no spur, but he uses ambition in order to motivate himself for the desire of more power. Since he is so exceedingly driven by ambition in order to achieve more power, he started killing innocent people. This led to the eventual revolt of the people under his reign, ultimately leading to Macbeth's death. Due to Macbeth's hubris and tragic flaw of excessive ambition, he was led to his demise, exemplifying how evil never prevails at the end.
             Macbeth is driven by evil but is then defeated due to external forces through the use of conflict and foil.

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