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Assessment of Professional Communications.

             Writing skills assessment in general is what I consider average and could use some upgrading in style, spelling and sentence structure. The amount of written information and type also depends on my knowledge base of the subject.
             If it is technical, I usually feel more comfortable, since I have a mechanical back ground and find it easier to understand mechanical logic. I find easier to write about how things work in laymen's terms or highly technical terms depending on the individuals that will read it.
             Writing about other subjects that I am not extremely familiar with, I find myself spending a lot of time deciding how to write out the words. I struggle with the correct words and sentence structures to explain the point of the subject. Even with research into the subject that I maybe writing, if it is not mechanically logical for me to understand, I will struggle to put it into a written format that flows.
             When I was an instructor at the Aviation Maintenance Course, I found it very easy to write about maintenance related issues on reports and written lessons for the students. I also had to write information papers for upper command personnel. I re-wrote many lesson plans, handouts and subject matter papers while at the course.
             At my present job I have written many work instructions on equipment so operators could refer to and understand with little confusion. When it comes time to writing reports about inspections I have completed for the internal International Organization for Standardization (ISO) audits, I usually find it easy to express the issues with examples. If I am asked to write a follow up report, I find myself struggling to find the right words and the information.
             In verbal communications I find myself having to tailor my thought to the way the individual or group will understand it the best without misinterpretations. I have found that it is best, when instructing individuals or groups, to have an individual recite back the instructions.

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