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Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry

            Works of literature that contain textual integrity effectively examine universal themes of the human experience. Throughout fictional works, such as Brigid Lowry's Guitar Highway Rose, real issues are successfully explored. This is achieved through the examination of real issues such as the need to attain a sense of belonging, a longing for freedom and the journey of self-discovery, and the use post-modern language features to create this 'coming of age' novel.
             The treatment of belonging within works of literature effectively assists the exploration of universal themes of the human experience. The need to attain a sense of belonging is shown distinctly within Lowry's text through capturing relationships – social, familial, interpersonal and personal – which allows the reader to grasp a deeper understanding of the power of both belonging and a lack of belonging. "No one wants to listen to how it really is to be fifteen and surrounded by the word no". This highlights Rosie's issue with belonging or "fitting in" with her family. This is portrayed clearly through the use of the narrator's perspective and the way the narrator intrudes into the story to give a bird's eye view on the situation. This shows the power, which fictional works have on the exploration of real issues. This is also emphasised through the character of Malvina and the struggle she faces with finding a place to belong within society. "I knew that settling in to a new city would be hard but I didn't realise how awfully hard it would be". This depicts the struggle to belong that Malvina faces within Lowry's novel, and through Malvina's stream of consciousness the author has illustrated an image of the way Malvina is feeling about her current situation in the book.
             Highlighted by Malvinas' characters lack of belonging, is the power of how fictional works explore real issues, like the need to belong within society, and how works of literature effectively examine universal themes of the human experience.

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