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An Explanation of Electric Guitars

             When looking to understand electric guitars, you would look at 7 different aspects of the guitar itself. The first being the brand of the guitar, then the size, structure, color, design, string system, and its pickups. The following paragraphs will explain each of these aspects in elaborate detail.
             The first aspect of a guitar is its brand, or make. In the guitar business, quality is always in the brand name. In more basic terms, the more your guitar costs, the better it is. Every guitar company makes a different style of guitar. For instance, Fender is known worldwide for its distribution of the Stratocaster and the Telecaster electric guitars. Also, the company Schecter is known nationally for its Diamond Series set of electric guitars. Some of these companies are based in the United States, some in Japan and many in Mexico. Generally, American made guitars are more expensive, while guitars that are made in Mexico are less expensive. This is true because American made guitars are crafted and assembled by hand, thus ruling out any chance of discrepancies in the guitar, whereas a guitar mass-produced in Mexico undergoes only simple inspections and have been given a stereotype of having minor malfunctions soon after purchase. Another large difference between guitars made in foreign countries and guitars made in America is the craftsmanship. Even those unfamiliar with guitars can notice the difference between the wood, metals and overall assembly of the guitar when comparing an American made and any other guitar. Thus making American made guitars the most expensive, but best choice when purchasing an electric guitar.
             The second aspect of an electric guitar is its size. Different brands make different sizes of guitars. These sizes can range from a middle length of 12 inches to 24. Large guitars are less ideal for concerts and stage performances because they are particularly heavy and harder to handle while playing standing up, whereas a smaller guitar makes for easier handling and lighter weight, creating a more comfortable playing area.

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