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Death of My Friend

            Living in a serene village near the pristine sea was a real treasure for me as its tranquillity and refreshing atmosphere with a picturesque sea was a really perfect getaway whenever my head was on the verge with all of the schools' works and pressures. Every day, my best friend, Razman and I would go to the sea to watch the sun sets as the invigorating coolness of the sea breeze caressed our skins. Ever since we were in the kindergartens, we had done the same thing. In the eye of the fishermen there, Razman and I are kindred spirits and our genuine camaraderie could never be separated by hooks or crooks.
             One day, I was feeling a little bit under the weather. My head was spinning and my body was soaking wet with perspirations. So, I decided to take a nap in order to recuperate my illness. Out of the blue, Razman came visiting me. He asked me to accompany him to the ice cream's stall near the beach. I refused his tempting request almost instantly as my condition was not permissible. But, he kept begging me and his constant chatter was really irascible that I thought my head was going to explode. I tried to control my temper but I failed. I shouted at him, "Just go there by your own self and stop annoying me!" Razman remained speechless upon hearing my yells. "Sorry, I did not meant to disturb you. I promised that I will not do it again in the future", Razman said slowly. I felt guilty watching him cycling away from my house with a crestfallen face. Nevertheless, about one metre from my house Razman turned his dimpled face to look at me and I was at sixes and sevens when he gave me an unexplainable gaze. He smiled at me and I tried to smile at him back but my lips did not cooperate well with my mind causing me to stand there poker – faced. So, I just retreated into my bed room and decided to wait until I am hale and hearty enough before I went to meet Razman and asked for his forgiveness.

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