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A Tragic Day

             It was a cold winter day in December, my cousin who lived in California was visiting us and was here to take of his own business which is in located in Downtown. My mom was cooking, my brother was sleeping, my dad was watching television and I was with my friend getting ready to go out. It seemed like any other normal day with no expectations of what was about to happen. My mom had called my cousin to ask him what he wanted for dinner, he joked around with my mom, like usual, and told her what he wanted to eat. About ten minutes later the phone rings and my brother picks, he quietly walked to the bathroom after hanging up, the phone rings again but this time my dad picks up, after a minute I hear my mom crying and screaming.
             Me and my friend got worried and stepped out of my room to find out what was wrong, I had not expected for what I was to hear, I kept on asking what was wrong but got no answers. After a minute, my dad tells me my cousin got shot; we did not know what really at that point. My family and I rush out of the house, thinking his at the hospital and that he will be okay, but minutes later my brothers friend calls to let us know that he has passed away.
             There were so many questions going trough our heads at that time and still are till now, we had no clue what had happened since, my mom had spoken to him ten minutes earlier and everything seemed alright. After reaching at the store where his body was still lying, we find out that he had shot himself while playing a game called Russian Rolaids. We don't know why he played such a dangerous game, so many of his friends, including my dad had tried to stop him from playing, but unfornately he did not listen. We still don't know what drove him to commit suicide, even tough he would talk about death and now we realize that we should have got him help.
             The hardest part was informing his parents and fiancé, who are living in Pakistan and were expecting him to visit them in the same month.

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