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Montresor and Fortunato in The Cask of Amontillado

            Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Cask of Amontillado" introduces two protagonists, Montresor and Fortunato who were friends. The encounters the two men has was hatred and revenge that turned to murder on the behalf of Montresor. The encounter for Fortunato was the appearance of his naivety but he encountered a deadly consequence. Montresor was an angry but proud man who felt that what Fortunato did was wrong. He "Vowed revenge" (Poe 543) was made and the execution was implemented in the catacomb vault of his home. Montresor's deep hatred for Fortunato was due to Montresor's feeling of deprivation of being "rich, respected, admired, beloved, you are happy, as I once was" (Poe 545). He was also envious of Fortunato's being a wine connoisseur that readily bought wine whenever he wanted as well as being a member of mason. Montresor considered himself a "skillful" (Poe 543) connoisseur and "bought whenever he could" (Poe 543). Yet, Montresor felt Fortunato was "responsible for his loss of status, happiness, love and respect" (Poe 545). To annihilate his enemy, Montresor lured his friend to his unsuspecting death by enticing him to sample a bottle of Amontillado. Montresor's revenge was implemented with the sealing of Fortunato in the vault. By doing the deed, Montresor felt that "Fortunato is deprived of everything" (Poe 543). .
             Fifty years later, Montresor is reiterating the encounter by confessing his present obsession of the revenge on Fortunato without the presence of remorse. However, Fortunato appeared to have the presence of naivety. He was a proud, prosperous man that "prided himself in his connoisseurship in wine" (Poe 543). His ability to taste the wine and distinguish the difference was magnified when he stated "Luchesi cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry" (Poe 544). Fortunato enjoyed life and fun for he was at the carnival dressed as a jester with bells on his hat.

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