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Cask of the Amontillado

             Throughout the story of The Cask of the Amontillado, both Montresor and Fortunato are two very different people, but believe it or not, Montresor and Fortunato have many similarities. Montresor's sneaky and tempting ways allows him to gain intelligence which won him the chance to get revenge on Fortunato. Montresor, being well aware that Fortunato has a close-hearted relationship with wine, uses this against Fortunato as a trick to deceive him. Now, Fortunato must wait for his fate which is in the hands of Montresor.
             Montresor and Fortunato are respected people, but Montresor is a man who is teased by others, while Fortunato is a man who should be feared. Montresor tells us from the very beginning of the story that he was insulted thousands of times by Fortunato. But, insult after insult, Montresor could not bear the pain anymore. He must get his fair share of revenge. He vows to punish Fortunato, but punish him with impunity. With only ways to punish Fortunato in Montresor's head, he never thought to think if Fortunato really meant to insult him. Probably, Fortunato never meant to hurt anybody and that his so called "insults" were just jokes that came out with a wrong intention. Montresor will never think that because he plainly wants to get revenge from what Fortunato did to him. Our narrator, Montresor, tells us that Fortunato was a man to be respected and even feared.
             Montresor is the only one who should be feared of Fortuanto because Montresor would get hurt again with Fortunato's insults. To think, that people should fear a man who is dressed up in a clown costume. .
             Montresor and Fortunato wear extra-ordinary costumes symbolizing their different intention and behaviors. Montresor is death for he is wearing dark clothes of the color black. Fortunato shows idiotism by wearing a clown suit with bells. Montresor wears black knowing what Fortunato's fate is. Montresor's costume is a clue to Fortunato, but Fortunato is too blind to these things because he only wants to pursue the Amontillado.

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