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Samuel Adams & His Contributions

             Although Samuel Adams was an unsuccessful businessman, he was a very successful statesman and political leader who was involved in and contributed to many events that occurred during the 18th century. Adams was a major contributor and major force in the Boston Tea Party, was a contributor to the recovery of the Boston Massacre, and was also a big contributor to society and politics.
             Samuel Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 27, 1722. He was one of twelve children of Samuel and Mary Fifield Adams(www.colonialhall.com). Samuel Adams, the elder, was a man of wealth and influence. He was a man with power and was a great leader, and it is from him that the younger Samuel Adams inherited his leadership qualities and political aptitude. The young Samuel Adams was first educated at the Boston Latin School, and then later on at Harvard College, which he graduated in 1740. Adams was first interested in becoming a student of law but continuous pestering from both his parents made him become a clergyman. Adams had no interest in theology but law was not considered a respectable profession, so eventually Adams became a clergyman. After receiving a job as a clerk at a market, which was solid training ground for a politician, his father gave him L1,000 coin to start his own business. Adams lent half his money to a friend who never returned it, and ended up losing the other half in a bad deal. Adams then quickly became partners with his father in a brewery, which did not prosper(Hosmer 16). After the elder Samuel Adams" death, the younger Adams became the head of the brewery and was made tax collector for the town of Boston. In being the tax collector, Adams came to know almost everyone in Boston. He became personally acquainted with everyone in town and his qualities soon won over everyone's respect and influence. Adams wore the same red suit, same wig, and same shoes day in and day out.

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