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Black Nationalism and Martin Luther King

            Throughout the struggle for social justice, there were many motivational leaders who lead the movements against racism and towards racial justice. Though Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X each have very different ideas about how to achieve social justice for African Americans, both use anaphora and ethos to excite and motivate their audiences. These speeches though striving for the same cause, have ideas which differ from each other while both trying to achieve social justice for African Americans. These speeches have very different tracks however, at some points these tracks converge providing similarities between the speeches; these similarities include how both speakers rely the comparative appeal of ethos and the strategy of anaphora to motivate and . Even though both speakers rely on the same appeal and strategy, their execution has a different effect on the tone of their speeches. This causes a large difference between two speeches that are for the same cause, many views are altered in between the speeches.
             Martin Luther King Jr. uses anaphora to appeal to the audience's desire for ethos. MLK Jr.'s audience searches for ethos in his words because they want to see that he is a trustworthy and competent man. Mr. King uses strong character and ethics to demonstrate his expertise, not only does this actually appeal to the audience, but the audience craves this from King to get reassurance that they are doing what is best by following MLK Jr. Martin also uses the strategy of anaphora to help people believe that he is sincere. He does this when he says "No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters righteousness like a mighty stream." Here Mr. King is proving to the audience how he will not give up until justice is served in full. This uplifts the audiences spirit and makes them feel powerful by getting them involved. King also brings this thought of justice up multiple times to put emphasizes on his commitment to this cause.

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