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Mr. Luther King

            The perfect world would be one free of hate, prejudice, and war; one which is full of hope, tolerance and love. In the perfect world there would be quality of life for all, regardless of race, sex or religion. To most, this perfect world seems to be an impossible goal, but to Martin Luther King Jr. it was ". . . a realistic, achievable goal that could be attained by a critical mass of people committed to and trained in the philosophy and methods of nonviolence." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most visible advocates of nonviolence and direct action as methods of social change. King had a dream; a dream that one day we could all live in peace, no matter what one's skin colour may be. Although King's goal was not reached before his death, he dedicated much of his life to creating equality among the races by changing society's thoughts and actions on racism, and shaping the mould for the much more equal society we live in today.
             Martin Luther King Jr. was born to Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. and Mrs. Martin King (Alberta) on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. King grew up in a two-story Victorian house located in "Sweet Auburn," the centre of black Atlanta. He lived with his parents, four siblings, aunts, uncles, and their boarders. During the time of King's childhood, there was an enormous amount of racism in the United States. It was the time of segregation of blacks and whites. King was at the fresh age of six years when he had his first experience with the harsh reality of racism. He was separated from one of his only friends, a young white boy whose parents despised blacks But this did not make King grow hostile. During the years spent in his home, in the middle of all the hate and violence, King had learned tolerance of others, and began developing his morals on Christian love.
             King's morals were further developed as he grew older. In 1944, as a junior in high- school, student Martin Luther King Jr.

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