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Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy

             , a Civil Rights activist, and John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, through different ways, both left lasting impressions on the U.S. and with their deaths, they bestowed a great mystery upon the U.S. .
             Kennedy's life began on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, were he grew up in a wealthy family. His father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, built a large fortune through various ventures such as films, shipbuilding, and stock-market speculation (Encarta). Upon his graduation from Choate Preparatory School in Wallingford, Connecticut, Kennedy began his college career. After a brief time a Princeton University, Kennedy enrolled at Harvard University were he majored in government and international relations. .
             Kennedy's family had always had strong roots in politics. Both of his parents came from political backgrounds. Kennedy's mother's father was once the mayor of Boston and Kennedy's father's father was a state senator (World Book). Kennedy too followed in the footsteps of his family and entered into the political arena. After receiving the democratic nomination for president and defeating at that time Vice President Richard M. Nixon, Kennedy was inaugurated President on the January 20, 1961. .
             King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia to a family of four others. Kings family was unlike Kennedy's in that they lacked the financial wealth that the Kennedy's had. King's father made his living as the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. King excelled greatly in high school; he skipped both the 9th and 12th grade. After graduation at age 15, King enrolled at Morehouse College where he graduated with a degree in sociology. Unlike Kennedy, King did not stop with a four-year degree. King went on to earn a Ph.D. in theology.
             Both King and Kennedy followed in the footsteps of their families. Kennedy went into politics and King decided to pursue a career in religion.

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