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1968: A Year of Crisis

            1968 was a year full of groundbreaking events and crisis. Crisis is defined as an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending. Although many positive strides were taken in the year, 1968 was a year of crisis for American society. In 1968, from the Tet Offensive to the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. to the Civil Rights protests and riots, the year was definitely a year of crisis for American society.
             The Vietnam War started in 1961 in an attempt to stop the spread of communism in the Eastern Hemisphere. This was a very unpopular war amongst Americans. The biggest blow was in 1968 when the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese suddenly launched their strongest offensive. This offensive was carried out on the Vietnamese New Year's holiday called, "Tet." The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese attacked cities throughout South Vietnam and penetrated the heavily guarded grounds of the American Embassy in Saigon. General William Westmoreland claimed that the Tet offensive was actually a victory for America and South Vietnam due to the casualties of the communists. It would take years for the communists to rebuild their strength. However, the communists seized the offensive and the American people witnessed the horrors. This was the first war shown on television and this made the anti-war movement ever stronger. When General Westmoreland called for 206,000 more troops and more fighter squadrons, it seemed that we lost the Tet offensive. This is one way how 1968 was a year of crisis for American Society. (Colvin)(Boorstin) .
             On November 22, 1968 while driving in a car in Dallas, John F. Kennedy, one of the most beloved presidents in our history, was shot and killed. Although there is no clear answer on exactly who shot him and why, it was a huge and sad event in our history. Despite only on person being dead, this became a crisis for American society due to his importance to our country.

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