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Hero: Martin Luther King Jr.

             is a great American hero to millions across the world. King was born on January 8, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was later assassinated on a balcony of a motel in Memphis, Tennessee on June 8, 1968. He did live a great heroic life though showing many heroic qualities. Here are three heroic qualities he showed:.
             King was a leader of a heroic nonviolent movement for justice, equality, and peace. He learned that violence was not going to help his growing conflicts by fighting back at white people. King learned about non-violence by reading Henry David Thoreau's books. Martin was also very impressed from the books of the life and teachings of Gandhi.
             Another heroic quality was how he was devoted to help the black and poor population. King stuck up for what he believed in even when the blacks were going through a tough time in the United States. Martin would even be beaten and arrested because he expressed his thoughts. And those attacks didn't stop him from doing any more speeches and marches. .
             A third heroic quality he showed was an enormous amount of courage by risking his life for others. A bomb even exploded in his house with his family inside, but that didn't stop him. Martin never showed that the attacks scared him in any way. He spent many years giving speeches and marches through the large cities. He gained more and more followers each city he visited. .
             Martin was an excellent student throughout his brilliant education. King began college at the age of fifteen because he was very intelligent. King received 20 doctor degrees from various colleges around the world. He also was awarded 14 times for his accomplishments, which included the Noble Peace Prize, Peral Plafner Award for the most outstanding student, and the Man of the Year Award for Times magazine. Those awards show how heroic he really was. Martin Luther King Jr. began is career as a reverend at the age of nineteen and resigned after six years.

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