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strength to love

             is a book emphasizing the idea of nonviolence. Martin Luther focuses on conquering evil with love and believes that love is the key proponent to keeping life intact. His views were alike Ghandi, where non-violence is used to overcome evil acts. This man was full of heart and filled with great wisdom. That is why he was one of the greatest leaders of all time. Most importantly, he was a believer in God and he wanted us to live a life for God. .
             As a moral agent I find that everything that Martin Luther King, Jr. has stated very interesting because it is great to see someone whose life revolves around peace. He has made many points about overcoming evil and also bringing about love into a community to strengthen people's hearts. I would be interested in pursuing further the topic of transformed nonconformist and this is because I am interested to find out what the process is of someone changing their views very dramatically. It takes a lot of great power for someone to change from a nonconformist to a conformist.
             Some of the major points that Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about were having a tough mind and tender heart. He believed that having a tough mind means solid thinking and also making the right decisions while having very good judgments of things. The one with a tender heart will help to overcome the hostility that exists among our environment and will help to soothe the violence. Having a tough mind and tender heart combined can help to bring about peace and freedom. It is the power of the two that brings about these two things together. One another point that he stated that I believed major was about loving thy neighbor and also love in action. Mr. King said that we must learn to forgive our enemies. Being able to accept others of their sins is important because even Jesus, our father accepts all our sins. .
             A point that Mr. King pointed out was the fact that God has the power to do many things.

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