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strength to love

            As you read the "Strength to Love" you start to realize how today's society is filled with hatred and has been overcome by great amounts of evil. I think that this is what Martin Luther King wanted to get through to the reader as he wrote this book of sermons. Not only was the society being ruined, but the people that make up the society were damaging our world; and still damaging it today. Obviously, the main issue that Martin Luther King was trying to cover was the idea of living a better lifestyle which God has chosen for us to ultimately better ourselves and our society.
             MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr.) makes a lot of good observations which he makes within each chapter. I think that each of the chapters had one specific point that MLK wanted to get by to the reader which summed up to his main topic. Three of the strongest points that struck me the most were the tough mind and the tender hearts of strong people. Secondly, that our God is able to do anything. And Thirdly, The answer to the perplexing question of, "How can evil be cast out?".
             As I was reading the first chapter I was amazed how the things that were being said were so true. Our society today is generally built of two types of people: tough minded people and soft minded people. There is a world out there full of television, radio and internet that people are engaged in. With any of those things easily at hand people tend to depend on them or take them for granted to not only entertain us but to fill us with resources. That resource, which may be true or false, tends to brainwash the soft-minded people of our society. The tendency for people to fall into these types of traps has led to a violent and prejudice lifestyle. Soft mindedness has brought these evil acts upon our world. On the opposite side of the soft minded person is the tough minded person. Jesus has helped those with the tough mind to think with reason, make decisive judgments and decipher true from false.

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