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Of Love- Imitation of Of Studies Of Sir Francis Bacon

            Love is a prevailing power upon Earth; at any moment in life it appears as man's most potent strength, man's greatest adversity, and even as an incarnation of man himself. Each manifestation of Love differs in appearance to every individual; therefore, the outcome of each particular form will be different in nature. When Love is man's greatest strength it brings form to the power of unity, courage, and self-esteem; as mankind's greatest adversity, it attacks unity, commands thoughts, and incites lust; and as the incarnation of man himself, it becomes a source of self-realization, spiritual awareness, and personal perfection. It is not love that affirms the bond of man's unity, but it is man's unity and his bonding which integrate love into man. When man is wounded by the arrow of lust, he looses awareness, and his thoughts become obscured by desire, thus because of this obscurity, his thoughts cannot be justified; for it is seldom that there is one who is able to recover from such wound while still battling the nemesis of desire. Love is influential; it can drive a man to become courageous and execute his will for whatever goal he may be striving for; make man pursue after lusty desires; and even also drive a man to the point of self-realization and the enlightenment of his surroundings. It is an awesome force which empowers a man, and influences his destiny; so much of mankind's past has been influenced by the power of love- his unity, his seduction by desire, and also his quest for the acquisition of knowledge. Because of love, some of mankind's greatest histories have been recognized as infamous, but also some of mankind's greatest histories have also been recognized, all of them influenced by Love.

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