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CEO Strength Coach - Ron McKeefery

             Coach Ron McKeefery is a strength and conditioning coach and has coached at both the Professional and Collegiate level. He currently is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Eastern Michigan. He is husband to Angie McKeefery, and the father of three children, Tyler, Ava and Maya. .
             About the Book .
             Coach Ron McKeefery centers his book around his journey into the Strength and Conditioning field and returns the favor by giving his readers tremendous advice on how to become the best strength coach possible and then thrive in the profession. The book is broken up into four section. First section we learn how McKeefery got into the Strength and Conditioning field and what he did in order to become as successful as he has. The second section is relative information for future strength coaches to learn and build upon in order to launch their coaching careers. Third section is essentially on what to do once you have become a strength and conditioning coach. And the last section, probably the most crucial, learning that the work doesn't stop once you have become the Head Strength and Conditioning coach. You have to keep working and progressing, the work must never stop. .
             Section One – My Journey.
             Most Strength and Conditioning Coaches get into the business because they enjoy lifting weights. Its more than lifting weights, you must manage people, time, and resources. .
             Success= T+M+E. To be a successful Strength and Conditioning Coach you must be a great Technician, a great Manager and a great Entrepreneur. .
             Have the courage to get out of your comfort zone! .
             Marry a woman that understands she is marrying both you and into the Strength and Conditioning business .
             In order to "make it" you must have both feet in, if not you won't make it.
             All of those sacrifices were and are so that I can help mentor young men and women.
             Too many coaches are either too timid or overconfident to simply tell their employers what they want .

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