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            Coaching is one of the most difficult jobs to have because they must accommodate the needs of every player, while meeting the parents" expectations. There are many different types of mentalities to being a coach. Coaches can be supportive to the players and then again, they can also be very hostile and violent to them. Coaches may also interact with the players by participating in practice, or there are those that like to stand on the sideline and observe.
             A supportive coach can be found in every sport throughout the world. A supportive coach is one who is fair, consistent, and patient to all the players. The coach will get to know his players as individuals and become sensitive to their needs. By becoming a friend, as well as a coach, he will gain their trust and respect. As a supportive coach, he becomes a role model for the whole team, not just one individual. He listens to his players and allows them to have a say on team goals, short term and long term. A supportive coach makes practices fun and relaxing, while still allowing it to be competitive. Supportive coaches are known to carry a well-balanced, disciplined team throughout the course of the season.
             On the flip side, violent coaches do not meet the needs of the players, or for the team as a whole. Violent coaches are known to yell for unnecessary reasons, which in turn, mentally and physically damage the players. For example, the coach for the Indiana men's basketball team, Bobby Knight, was famous for screaming repeatedly at his players during practice for every little mistake they committed. During the games, he would become even more violent since they did not adhere to his demands. Bill Cowher, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is also known to be one of the toughest coaches in sports. Players who play under a violent coach, are pushed to the extreme, and then further to a point where the team starts to crumble. Violent coaches have had their success because they demand the most out of their players, but usually their success comes with severe consequences.

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