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Martin Luther King

             Lewis, the author of this book was at Fisk University when he first met or saw.
             Martin Luther King. Mr. King was giving a speech at his college sometime in the month of.
             February, on the year 1956. For some odd reason he had forgot this until he started writing Martin.
             King's biography. The second time Mr. Lewis met Martin King was while he was in Atlanta.
             Attorney General Hollowell, who was representing Martin King in the infamous De Kalb County.
             case, he invited Mr. Lewis to ride with him, his client, Mrs. Correta King, and the Reverend Mr.
             King, Sr., on a drive to Judge Oscar Mitchell's court for a final judgement. This was in the year.
             1961. Then sometime in 1962, David Lewis met Martin King for the third and last time. Martin.
             King and his father were present at politically significant social gathering in the home of a.
             prominent black Atlanta family. The senior King shook hands with Mr. Lewis and pleasantly.
             surprised him by his knowledge of Mr. Lewis" career since the time he had left Atlanta. David Lewis.
             also forgot this encounter due to the fact that he was shipped of to Army basic training shortly after.
             the conversation.
             The day Martin Luther King was assassinated, David L. Lewis had reached a decision that.
             he had never imagined would be his to make. He had been asked to consider writing Martin Luther.
             Kings" biography just two weeks before. As he was drafting the letter of acceptance, the news of the.
             Lorraine Motel tragedy was announced. Suddenly, what had begun as primarily a fascination with .
             Tate 2.
             an exercise in professional craft-a competent work unrelated to his own specialty-became a passion.
             for comprehension of the true significance of Martin King and, through him, something of the nitty-.
             gritty reality of blackness, collective and personal, in America.
             This book, like any other, had its strong points and it's weak points.

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