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Do You Believe in Magic

            There are many people who believe in magic and the supernatural. They believe in ghosts, witches and in the fortunetellers. Some go to the extreme of actually paying people to rid there houses of ghosts; others to have there future told to them. Yet a person who wants to know his future might not be superstitious just curious. To believe in something is to be superstitious, that's why there are many different types of superstitions people.
             One type of superstitious person is what I call "The Magical Freak" one who believes that everything is magic. Whenever something happens, whether it is scientifically proven or not, he comes to the conclusion that it had to be done by magic. He lives his life by the horoscopes. His whole life revolves around the stars, the horoscope. If the horoscope says he is mad, he will be mad. He believes that the world is interested in him and he must stay on its good side. He believes in everything, even when those beliefs are contradictory. Good luck charms, ghosts, the evil eye, palm reading, demon possession, fate, Bigfoot, UFOs, and the Ouija, are all real to him. Don"t try to convince him other wise, he will whither say your ignorant, or possessed by a demon.
             Another type of superstitious person is what I like to call, " The Offended." This person is offended if you call him superstitious. You would never catch them dead at palm readers, and he would never give away all his possessions because he expects the end of the world tomorrow. Yet he blows on the dice before he throw them. He wears his lucky pair of sucks when he plays golf. He doesn"t worry about the Bermuda Triangle or ghosts, but he believes that there must be something to it. He laughs at fortunetellers but is pretty sure he has a little psychic ability himself. He knocks on wood whenever he mentions something that he wouldn"t want to happen. It is hard to tell why he still does this things not being superstitious.

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