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Gun Laws and Political Party Points of View

            Gun ownership in the United States of America has been an important topic since before the United States was an independent country. The history of gun ownership in this country shows that said ownership is not just a privilege, but a right, which is necessary to ensure the freedom of its people. Both Democrats and Republicans take different and somewhat radical stances on this heated issue. However, recent events have pushed the divide even farther while at the same time demanding that an action must be taken. The stances both parties take is based on the fact that fire arms have been a staple of American culture since the beginning and many people still believe they are a fundamental part of our freedoms as American citizens. .
             The main focus of the Democratic Party is to reasonably regulate firearms. They want to reinstate the assault-weapon ban that expired in 2004. A few other requirements they want to implement is mandatory child safety locks, photo license I.D., a background check, and a gun safety test to buy a new handgun (Democrat 1). The main point of this restrictions is to try to keep individuals, such as criminals, from buying guns from another individual without any sort of paper work. They want to also limit gun clips, called magazines, to under ten rounds of ammunition. President Obama recently unveiled a plan that is 23 actions that will accomplish these restrictions. This is the major legislation that the DNC wants to be the instrument of change when it comes to gun policy (Summary 1). The GOP, more commonly known as Republicans, want to see these restrictions not passed. They oppose national gun registration and individual gun licensing. They also support state stand your ground laws that allow citizens to defend themselves if the situation arises. The mass shootings in recent years have made them reconsider their stance on universal background checks. This means that there is a chance for reform in this regard.

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