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2016: The Election of the Century

            The 2016 election is one that could take a turn for the better, or for the worst. Both Hillary Clinton, the democratic party candidate, and Donald Trump, the republican party candidate, are unique candidates in their own ways, mostly by belief. Even though Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have many political disagreements, they both have similar standpoints on several of the current issues. They also have some unique ways in solving them by their own methods. The current tax rate is the first topic both candidates disagree upon, some believe the current income tax rate is tremendously high for the upper class, along with tax on businesses and industries in America. Trump believes that the current tax rate on local business and industry ( 35%) is tremendously high, and seeks to reduce this down to at least 15% (People 56). Clinton, however, does not see use in lowering this tax rate in any way. She even would like to increase income tax on the more wealthy, who earned their money like most other Americans have. Clinton seeks to give this taxed money to the lower class who do not have nearly as much as the upper class. Gun control is an important topic in the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton claims to increase limitations relating to gun control, she seeks to increase detail on background checks. Clinton also believes any person on the terrorist watch list, or the no flight list should not be able to purchase a gun in the United States. Though Trump agrees with this, he does not see a purpose in increasing further background checks to the purchasing of firearms.
             Another topic both candidates disagree upon is the national minimum wage, Clinton claims she will increase minimum wage for all the citizens of the States to at least 12$ an hour (Maclean's 36). Trump does not find use in increasing the national minimum wage, but only to lower taxes on income. Trump believes that increasing the minimum wage will increase the prices of certain goods in the States, thus having no effect.

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