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London - A Place I Would Like to Live

            Sometimes one feels extremely comfortable living in the place where one was born but other times one would like to live in other city or in other country. This desire generally comes after visiting a place that has one attracted because of many reasons. In my case, I dream of living in London. London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom and it's the world most visited city as measured by international arrivals. In 2011, I traveled to London and for many reasons I was left enchanted. First, since my childhood, London is the city of my dreams. Second, I love all it's cultural richness. Third, London is a very accessible city.
             I was born in Cuba but when I was a child I was taught English language with the Berlitz's method and with a British pronunciation. These were factors that pushed me to dream of visiting London someday. My teacher was an old woman who lived in London when younger and whose teacher was an English man. She used to accompany every lesson with a little piece of her memories, which made me fly to this magic city. Moreover, I learned to love the special way to pronounce the words very far from that sounds out by north American speakers. There could be many American movies played on TV but nothing attracted better my attention than those ones played in London with English actors and actresses. In 2011, I was sent to work to London for about one month and I all my expectations regarding this city were exceeded. Then, I realized that more than visiting London – which was a dream came true - there were many other reasons to desire living there.
             London is a world cultural capital. It is home to numerous museums, galleries and many cultural institutions, most of them free of admission charge. I love visiting museums and feel extremely comfortable reading books and articles about them. It was extremely exciting to see the Egyptian collection in the British Museum, and the collection of dinosaur skeletons at the National History Museum.

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