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The Place Where Changed My Life

             What forms the people we will become? I think that one of the significant elements is the places where we have lived or visited. I grew up in a city in Japan, and I had lived there about eighteen years since I was born. Then I moved to Tokyo for college when I graduate a high school. Although my home town and Tokyo influenced me a lot, the most important place that shaped me is a house in London. During the summer break in my first year of the college, I went to Wimbledon, London to go to English language school, and I had a homestay with a Pakistani family. While I was staying at my host familys house about one month, my world was expanded, and the place shaped me into the person I am today. I discovered who I am, and how I think of myself there.
             My host familys house was situated in a quiet residential area near the language school, so I could go to the school by walk. Since I was taking only morning classes, I stayed at home most of a time. The house was small and a little old, but it looked pretty; it was like a house in a postcard. The white paint was scaling off the exterior wall of the house, but the window frame was painted clear blue. A row of small bushes separated the house from the neighbors. The neighbors were an old couple and very friendly. Every time we met, they talk to me with a bright smile, and the usual first words were Hi! How are you? ,and my reply was always Pretty good. How are you? Then we usually chatted about the weather. I felt very happy after the conversation with them. The beautiful rose garden was in front of the front door, so whenever I came and went to the house, I smelled the sweet scents. I was always comparing with this yard and concrete one in Japan.
             My host parents had a seven year-old son, and we played everyday in the backyard. The backyard was the coolest place for him to play at. Two big trees are keeping the yard in shadow. The branches were not chopped down, so his backyard was like a little jungle of fun.

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