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My Place by Sally Morgon

            "Some change is better than no change at all".
             This concept is conveyed vividly through "My Place" by Sally Morgan, "The Door" by Holub, "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor, and finally the poem "Stepping Out" by Maureen Watson.
             Although the process and catalyst for these changes are different, the resultant summation that we can take from these texts, is that change is beneficial despite the hardships that may be experienced during this process of change.
             To see whether "My Place" does support the meaning of change in question, we must look at the changes that occur. Firstly, I will start by analysing Sally Morgan herself and the changes she experiences.
             Sally Morgan chose to give the book a fully rounded "adult" version of what happened at each position in the narrative, a version filled out with the benefit of hindsight. By choosing this structure, it helps to create little mysteries throughout the book that enthrall the reader. For example, why was Nan so fearful and what was wrong with her father? These mysteries are cleaned up later in the book. The significance of this, is that the reader, has to experience the same confusion and nagging wish to know that Sally felt at the time. It also makes the book more like a novel - which is generally structured around the reader's desire to know "what happened next". As a result, Sally's sadness becomes our sadness for a while. Her learning acts as a catalyst for change in ourselves. Therefore, the structure she has chosen enhances the impact of the issues that are raised because we are more inclined to accepts what she says.
             From the start Sally seemed to have problems "fittin in" at school, and feels "abnormal". .
             "None of my brothers and sisters seemed to be tormented by the things that tormented me.".
             This isolation helps build Sally's resistance to accepted norms of behavior, that lead her to challenge the status quo, and pursue the family story.

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