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Eating Habits of Americans

            When some people think about what it means to be American they think about guns, fast food, and football. While others may think of things such as politics, freedom, and religion. Food is something that really is brought to a lot of people's attention. Of course food is a big topic because its around everyday due to it being a necessity to live. Food can bring people together at work, school, home, or even church. Food can help people feel better, bring joy to someone, or help make a celebration better. Food is a way Americans can get together and interact with each other, but unfortunately the eating habits and lifestyle choices of several American's is becoming a bit out of hand. The way many Americans eat is very unhealthy; the amount of fast food that is consumed is also a big problem. Moreover Americans are so wasteful, and ungrateful for most of the food they eat. Another terrible thing about America is that it is the nations most obese country. American eating habits are very different from any other countries because of how unhealthy they are, how much is wasted, and the ratio of obese to non-obese people. .
             The health of American adults as well as children should be of everyone's concerns. Food is often used as incentives for children when they do something good, which often has a negative outcome due to them always expecting food as a reward. The children of today are what our future is going to be made of; our president, our teachers, our law enforcement, and just out everyday people that make the world go round. It is important to raise the people of the future in a way that will benefit them in the future. So that means to keep them on a healthy diet, and make sure they are active. While junk food in moderation is okay, they should most definitely should be eating a balanced diet, and consume the right amount of calories. The path that they are heading toward now is most definitely not a good one.

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