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Creative Drawing and Contemporary Art and Design

             Write a detailed commentary on your personal creative drawing work, describing it in the context of contemporary art or design movement, and relating it to at least one historic and one contemporary figure.
             Throughout the year, my drawing has developed from quite a tight, representational style to explore a range of expressions and techniques. There is a strong experimental feel to my portfolio, as I research the variety of drawing throughout history and seek to establish my own style. The sketch book is a great vehicle for exploration: "drawing is often a private medium, not initially intended to be publicly displayed, and thus very useful for visual experimentation" (Brodie & Robison, 2002, 19). I wanted to expand and experiment with sketching and doodling in my sketchbook, and draw everywhere I have been to improve my drawing skills, memory, and working at speed. "Your visual experience is enriched by learning to see through the practise of drawing. You should develop the habit of carrying a sketchbook with you to jot down quick note and sketch as an aid to memory.".
             My desire to improve use of line, and effectively capture movement links my current work with Impressionist drawing. There are two elements which affect my view of this; firstly, the desire to engage and capture images from modern life. Degas was described in the following way: "As a leading member of the Impressionist group, he shared his colleagues' fascination with modern sights and sensations" (Kendell &Devonyar;, 2011, 12). Secondly, the style of mark making, the sketchiness of my work, the exploration of line and the unfinished quality connect strongly for me with Impressionism: "What is broadly similar about many Impressionist paintings is that they exhibit a certain degree of sketchiness or patchiness" (Smith, 1995, 24).
             Movement (Degas).
             Since I was a child I have always visited the theatre and dance, and I was amazed at how they moved so fast and they change physical status quickly.

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