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Concepts of Modern Typography

             Nowadays, typography sounds popular to most of the people; not only popular but also very interesting. While graphic design is making a huge influence in the world communication, typography has been one of the most significant elements of graphic design. Many designers and typographers talked about the importance of typography and how it communicates thoughts information through human eyesight (Carter, 2002, p.11). Typography always is considered to be effective way to communicate between several people in simple and scalable way regardless size of the information. In the mean time, technology is developing and increasing everyday, and while everything around us is changing and renewing, the typography must have taken its step forward to keep up with the new demands and opportunities. Indeed, typography modernized and changed as well and it began developing by the 19th century to reach its peak by the early 20's (carter, 2002, p.1). Size, simplicity and scale are fundamentals in modern typography (Fawcett, 2007, p.7). Moreover, Posters is one of the element or outcomes that typography used for. Nowadays, we can see posters everywhere around us, and by time the poster design is also developing and changing in form and style. Modern poster design relies on the picture or image, and when typography is designed in a poster, it has to be deigned as an image not in the image.
             This topic has been a very important issue lately, because typography is everywhere. It is useful for designers from all types and generation to learn about typography and it is basics information to recognize in the world of graphic design. Typography usually contained of words, letters, numbers and symbols; what is known that words plays a very big role in human feelings and thinking. Therefore, we need typography everywhere, and every time without considering the style and the reason. When typography is used in poster design, it makes is more unique because it is one of its most important elements.

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