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The Utopian Society in Brave New World

            Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, is a book about a Utopian Society that thrives on stability rather than freedom. This futile, yet widely accepted society was challenged by one man, John the Savage. John's mother, Linda, after accidentally conceiving him, gave birth to him in the Savage Reservation. Living in the savage reservation all his life, John had merely heard stories about the World State through his mother. The excitement he once had about moving to the World State was short lived as he was being given a tour of the society. John was accepted in the World State but he began to have a difficult time dealing with the principles one must follow in that society.
             Huxley develops Lenina's character in such a way where she is described as "pneumatic" and basically, a wench. Lenina develops a strong sexual attraction towards John. He loves Lenina but their views on love differ, causing more issues in their already troubled relationship. The World State views love as only having to do with sex while John believes in proving himself worthy of a real relationship with Lenina. The conditioning that Lenina underwent in the World State made her fear the same emotional commitment that John longed for. In conversation with Lenina, John said, "I wanted to do something first I mean, to show I was worthy of you" (Chapter 13, pg.189). Lenina still failed to realize what love is and wanted John to fulfill her sexual needs. John could not bear Lenina's views on love, which eventually took a toll on their relationship as a whole. The frustration with the constant pressure to engage in sexual activity overtook him and caused his relationship with Lenina to become violent. Although he was living in the World State, the principles the Savage Reservation had taught him were the only set of morals he followed.
             The death of John's mother, Linda, was the changing point in John's life.

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