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Civil Rights - Brown vs. Board of Education

            The 1954 Supreme Court case Brown vs. Board of education of Topeka and Kansas declared that school segregation was unconstitutional. This action began unravelling the discrimination against African Americans. This photograph shows the body of Caucasian citizens that are anti-integration, possibly in fear of African American segregation destroying the world that the European pilgrims built. This photo was taken in the Little Rock, Arkansas, on August 20th 1959. This photograph appears to be taken in front of a very important building of some sort, an institution or a court house. The general population of the anti-integration rally is older white men. The building in the background sets the serious atmosphere. These people are clearly enraged at the idea of integration and want it to stop. The signs that say, "Race mixing is communism," "Stop the race mixing March of the anti-Christ" tell the audience that these people are angry. These people clearly believed that the thought of integration is devilish and not okay. The people in the photograph that are protesting are ignorant to the fact that every person is equal. More over these people are conceited, they are only thinking about their prospects not the entire country or people. The complete disregard to human equality that these people show is what begins the emerge into the civil cold war. The amount of people set a busy tone to the photograph, almost as if the more people there are, the busier and angrier the photograph appears. The columns from the building in the background create a little structure to the photograph so it doesn't look completely cluttered and frantic. The flags attempt to show the viewer that this group and photograph is important as it represents part of the U.S history. For me, this picture makes me feel angry at all the protestors. .
             In my opinion, people who protest against segregation lack education.

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