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Methodology of Nakikiugaling Pagmamasid

             With the development of Filipino psychology, more and more research methodologies are also developing for the purpose of data gathering, and experimentation while adapting to the culture of Filipinos. One of these methodologies is called nakikiugaling pagmamasid. This methodology was coined by Bennagen (1985) to describe his version of participant observation that he used in studying the Agtas of Isabel in the northern Philippines. He said Pagmamasid here means observation and nakikiugali means to adopt in the ways of a particular group. He added that pakikiugali here does not only include empirical behavior, but also their mental behavior: "It is important that one embraces not just the external ways, but becomes one in thought as well-have the readiness of the mind to understand them" (Bennagen, 1985 ). To test the effectiveness of this methodology, the researchers observed a local guitar–making group in Lapu-Lapu City through the use of nakikiugaling pagmamasid. This paper will report the strengths, limitations and further recommendation to improve the said methodology.
             One of the main strengths of this methodology is that it allows the researchers to appreciate and understand the culture of the subject they are gathering data from and at the same time allows a researcher to observe at a distance so that he or she may organize more systematically and logically the data they have gathered from their participation in a more reasonable and scientific process that is true to the culture they have studied. Another advantage of using nakikiugaling pagmamasid is that it allows the researcher to find out more about a data he or she just gathered from observation because it allows him or her to ask more from the local townsfolk about that certain activity or historical fact. Also, this methodology allows you to establish a relationship with the townsfolk or the group in which you are studying which makes it easier for you to gather data and ask questions from the elders or leaders of that group or tribe.

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