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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

             Many do not consider cheerleading to be a sport. Speaking from personal experience, I know and understand all the hours and hard work cheerleading takes. Not a lot of people know what kind of work goes into cheerleading. There is a lot of ability and strength that goes into cheerleading. .
             Any girl that is or was a cheerleader can tell you how much work, ability and strength goes into this sport. She will tell you how much practice it takes just for one game. During practice is when you figure out what cheers, stunts, and what formation you are going to do them in just for one game. During practice, like in any other sport is when you try to be perfect for the next up coming game. When it comes to game time, is when you show off your strength, hard work, and ability.
             People will say that cheerleaders are not athletes. Cheerleaders say that they are. They say that work just as hard as any other athlete. Girls will tell you that it a sport. They will tell you the training that goes into it. The ability it takes to lift up other girls. Like other athletes, they train, they lift, the run, but we do it all for a different reason. We lift to strengthen ourselves to be able to lift other girls, to improve our jumps, our kicks, and some girls are even able to tumble. .
             Cheerleading shows the idea of good sportsmanship, shows how to work well with others and learn how to get along with people that are different than you. This goes the same for other sports. You learn the same type of life skill from playing any other sport. You have to get long, and trust your fellow teammates, like cheerleaders have to do. If you do not trust the person that you is about to put you up in a stunt, than the stunt will not go up as smoothly as you would like. Same goes for a football or basketball player, if you do not trust your teammates, than the plays that you would like to run, will not run the way you would like them too.

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