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Should cheerleading be a sport?

            If Cheerleading Doesn't Deserve To Be a Sport, What Does?.
             In the past cheerleading was a club, used to pump up the crowd, by jumping up and down screaming "go team go," but times are changing! Cheerleaders use dangerous stunts, suspenseful tumbling passes, and strenuous jumps to win awards and prove the "stereotypical cheerleader" to be a myth. Most students at Freedom High School continue to follow this ancient belief of what a cheerleader is. This happens because you, our school board, categorize us as a club as opposed to, what cheerleaders really are . athletes! This is why the hard work and talent used in cheerleading needs to be rewarded by making us a sport along with our peer's respect.
             Broken Arms, ruptured ligaments, sprained ankles, bloody noses, and daily bruises are just a few injuries, which our varsity cheerleading squad has encountered throughout the duration of this school year. 99% of this damage happens because we are not given the equipment needed to perform safely. Perhaps if people saw the sweat and falls at practice, which go behind our awesome performances at games, rallies, and competitions they would understand the risks of this sport. What I cannot figure out is why our school spends thousands of dollars toward all other sports, but leaves cheerleaders to buy their own safety materials. In December 2001 a study was conducted, it established that cheerleading has more injuries then any other activity, this research included football, diving, gymnastics, and all other high school sports. You may be thinking "okay if they"re complaining about injuries then we will remove the unsafe actions, such as stunting and tumbling (making cheerleading to be a dancing and yelling club.

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