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Sport full of airheads

             "She's ditzy," "They"re snobs," "What an airhead," and the list of unflattering traits goes on when referring to cheerleaders, chances are you've probably heard them all. Cheerleaders are just a social club of good-looking girls who wouldn't give the average Joe the time of day, right? Wrong. Well, it is really hard to explain unless you have played sports. I have played sports my whole life and cheerleading has been by far one of the most controversial topics in the world of sports. My girlfriend was a cheerleader in high school and those were the kinds of stereotypes and discrimination she had to put up with. I knew her situation very well; she always felt that because she was a cheerleader people felt that they had the right to judge her. Most movies, television shows, and people make cheerleaders out to be blonde ditz" who date football players. Some cheerleaders may come across like that, but many do not even resemble this picture. I played football in high school and I"m here to tell you that the stereotypes placed on cheerleaders are not true. I was the only football player in my high school that had the opportunity to date a cheerleader. My girlfriend is not a dumb blonde she is a brunette, who graduated with honors. I"m not saying that all cheerleaders are like my girlfriend, but most of them are. .
             If you are like most people, when you think of cheerleaders beautiful girls in sexy outfits come to mind. It's about time that people wise up and realize that cheerleaders and cheerleading are and is a sport not a cheap peep show. The problem is that other athletes have no idea what it takes to be a cheerleader. I think that cheerleaders make what they do look so easy. They fly through the air and catch their teammates as if it were just a stroll in the park. Many don't understand that cheerleading takes dedication, sweat, tears, and hard work just like any other sport. My girlfriend is sick of being judged for doing something she loves.

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