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The Best Sport in America

            What is the best sport in America? Basketball is the best sport in America. The reason why basketball is the best sport is because it takes the most skill to play than any other athletic sport. Basketball also takes a lot class because fans can judge the way players act much easier than other sports. .
             Basketball has the most skill involved than any other sport in the country. The game does not consist of an individual talent; a player must be an all around athlete. A basketball player must be able to jump, pass, shoot, dribble, be quick, and many more features the game involves. A person must become an athletic renaissance man to play the game of basketball. .
             Basketball players must have class in order to play well. Player's emotions are easily detected by the audience. A basketball court is very little compared to a football or hockey arena. This makes it hard for the players because fans can easily see the entire court and know everything that is going on. .
             The best sport in America is basketball. An all around athlete is what it takes to be a basketball player. Holding in emotions are crucial to the game because the fans can simply critic characteristics of a player. .

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