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Baseball - The All-American Sport

            There are three good reasons why baseball will always be the popular All-American sport. One reason is baseball is a great Fourth of July and summer sport. Second, it has a great history with Hall of Famers. Third, everyone has grown up playing the sport. Baseball is a great summer and Fourth of July Sport. For example, I play Outfield for the New Jersey Cyclones and we played one of the top teams in Florida down the shore called the Florida Marlins. My team lost by a score of nine to one. Despite the loss, the high competition provided the players with great practice for the season. .
             One author explains that baseball is a great sport because it brings families together. "There is no other sport like baseball where you can sit above a beautiful baseball diamond in the nice weather with a hot dog and a soda with your family." (Castrovince 1) During the summer and Fourth of July is when all the baseball tournaments occur to see who the best club teams are. Another author explains that baseball is a good summer sport for recruiting, which is how I got recruited to play college baseball. "All of the kids are off from school and it is one of the best times for college scouts to recruit players for their college because it fits in well with the player's schedules."(Castrovince 2) The most popular tournaments are usually War at the Shore, Summer Slam, and Beach Bash. .
             Teams from all over the East coast come to the shore to compete with New Jersey club teams because they are one of the best in the country. The history of the sport can go on forever, but there is this one event that stood out the most to me. My grandfather John has a very good sense of baseball's history. He grew up watching all of the great Yankee ball players like Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, and Joe DiMaggio who are all in the Hall of Fame. He is the one who has told me all about the great ball players during his generation, and hopefully one day I can do the same.

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