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             Baseball for some people, think it is not hard to play. You just throw the ball around and hit the ball when pitched to you to get runs in. It is more then that. It involves hard work, dedication, blood and sweat. Baseball is a game which is past down by generation to generation. There are many young boys in the world who dream, to become a famous baseball player and play in front of millions who watch the great American past time sport. Before these boys cam make their dream come true, they would have to learn the basics. Learn how to throw, hit, and love the game. .
             Baseball is a game, which two opposing teams step out on a field to show off each person's skill of the game. Before these ball players where first, able to step out on the field, they have to practice the basics. During the game, there is offense and defense. The team who is in the dugout and is up to bat is offense and the team out on the field is on defense. Those who were on defense are equipped with a baseball glove, hat, and uniform. Those players on offense are equipped with a baseball bat and helmet to protect them when they go up and hit. The two teams do switch from defense to offences and offence to defenses as soon as the team who is on offenses has three outs accounted to .
             them. The way the offences can get three outs is by the defenses striking them out at the home plate, getting thrown out at first, second, and third base, or by a fly ball which is hit into the air and the defenses catches the ball. When three outs happens the team switches and a new inning begins. Baseball is played by inning, instead of quarts, halftimes, and periods. Baseball is played up to nine innings and each teams plays defenses and offences only once during an inning. .
             Each team can have however many players they want on the team, but only nine players can be out on the field at once and that same nine who is only on the field can only hit whenever they get on offences.

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