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Steroids In Baseball

             Steroids are illegal drugs that unnaturally boost strength and muscle mass; their consequences are detrimental to a player's health and to the sport's popularity. Ethics and steroids are two very important issues dealing with the well-being of all sports, but especially baseball. Baseball's statistics are being blown way out of proportion and history is being written unfairly because of steroid abuse. Steroid abuse is a disreputable way of gaining an unfair advantage over the rest of the competition, and should not be allowed on any level.
             "Steroids are artificially produced hormones that are similar to testosterone" (Downshen). Testosterone is a natural male hormone that gives a man his traits. The major contribution of steroids is to increase the male's testosterone, which in turn, allows the male to become stronger and gain weight. With a greater body mass and strength, players can take an edge over other players. "Former major leaguer Ken Caminiti says he was on steroids when he won the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1996" (Sports Illustrated). This is a perfect example of a player going from an average player to a National League All Star. The effects of steroids are very powerful on the body and the mind. Players can see their improvements so they continue to use steroids because their mind is focused on becoming stronger and quicker.
             Baseball needs to address the issue of steroids. "According to an article in Sports Illustrated, approximately 40-50% of the players in Major League Baseball are using steroids" (Kurtzberg). Unlike other professional sports, baseball does not test for steroids because "drug testing is something to be negotiated through bargaining between owners and the player association" (Kurtzberg). In other words, baseball team owners are reluctant to test their own players for steroid abuse because they know they will fail. It is in the best interest that players and owners clean up the majors by testing and eliminating the use of steroids.

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