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            It is a bright sunny Saturday afternoon. A young child holds the hand of a father walking through the gates of Wrigley Field. Handing the ticket stub to the ticket vender and receiving a free hat just for coming to the ball park thinking that this is going to be great. The young child following his dad through the crowded halls searching for the correct aisle that holds the seats for the baseball game only to have his senses ignite alive. The young boy notices rival fans rooting for their team to win the match between the two cities, the screams of the beer venders, the cries of little babies on mother's shoulder all pleasing sounds of a child's first professional baseball game. Sitting down in the bleachers watching the first pitch to be thrown, the child begins to think that this place is heaven. .
             Baseball is not heaven; it is just a game. Baseball is a strategic game that resembles the game of chess. Chess is a game that is played one move at a time, but each move is strategically placed to conquer the opponent in the end. Baseball resembles chess in many ways. The owner of a ball club is the king by having limited moves but is the key to winning after all. The manager of the team resembles the queen because he has the most control off and on the field. The Rooks, Knights, Bishops are the players in the MLB because they have certain aspects that they can only control such as starting pitchers to relief pitchers and outfielders to infielders. The minor league players are the pawns for they are in the game to set up for the future. With similarities come differences of course, but after all games are played to be won. Baseball is a profession and controversies come with all professions. A high controversy in baseball is that of steroids. Steroids and baseball have been around for decades and the two of them have been pushed underneath the carpet. Have steroids affected the psychological aspect of Major League Baseball? .

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