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             There are nine players on the field fielding and up to 4 batters on the field .These positions are pitcher ,catcher ,1st base , 2nd bas , shortstop , 3rd base ,left field , center field and left field.
             • Pitcher is there to throw the ball in the strike zone for the batter to swing. Pitcher can pitch different balls like change up, riser, curve ball, fast ball, slow ball.
             • Catcher to catch the pitchers throws and to play 4th base.
             • 1st base is there to play his bag.
             • 2nd base is there to cover his left side and play 2nd bas.
             • Shortstop is there to cover the area around him and to cover second base.
             • 3rd base is there to play his bag.
             • Right field to catch fly ball as to field the ball in.
             • Left field to catch fly ball as to field the ball in.
             • Center field is there to field to catch fly ball as to field the ball in and control the outfield.
             The fielding side aim is to stop the batters from getting runs by getting 3 out this can happen by catching them out tagging or playing a bag when batter is forced to run.
             Batting side aim is to hit the ball into gaps in the field so they can get on bas then they try to get home by stealing or running on a hit or if the pitcher balks.
             There are many rules for example.
             *There are restrictions to size and weight of bat and balls.
             * The batter is allowed to switch boxes when the ball is dead.
             * You are not allowed to bunt on 3rd strike.
             *If it's a foul tip you are only out on the 3rd strike.
             *No sliding into first.
             *You are allowed to go and touch first base and go into the foul area.
             *fielders can not be on the running line.
             *If the pitcher balks batter can move a base forward.
             *When the ball is dead nothing can happen.
             * If the batter swings and hits the catcher is called catchers interference.
             The two most common injuries sustained by a baseball player are shoulder pain and ankle pain.

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