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Transportation Operation Policies

             The National Transport Policy sets out the Government's planning policies for transportation in Jamaica and how these are expected to be applied. It sets out the Government's requirements for the planning system only to the extent that it is relevant, proportionate and necessary to do so. Sustainable transportation is undoubtedly a multi-faceted concept, and a significant challenge in today's globalized society. Transportation it is said, to be one of the most basic of human activities linked to almost all daily routines. The National Transport Policy was brought to life in the year 2007 by the Ministry of Housing Transport and Works. The aim of the policy is to discover the most reliable means of transportation which in accord will be reliable and affordable to the citizens. The policy states all the available modes of transportation within the country. It is the researcher's intentions to read and critique the [policy and make recommendations where necessary.
             Policy Objectives and Principles.
             In chapter three of the National Transport Policy, the author states that to increase Jamaica's competitiveness in the global environment, through lowering of transport costs there has to be an environment in which transport is efficient and accessible in a way of accessing key economic and social objectives. The researcher is in agreement with the perception that in order for Jamaican industries to serve their customers they need a cheaper, reliable, safe and efficient transportation which doesn't cause any impediments to people within the society that are disabled. The reduction of transportation costs can increase the country's competitiveness, and economic stability; transportation plays a vital role in a country. The consideration of using transportation to alleviate poverty is a step in the right direction, as making it easier for jobs to be created in cities, towns and villages; replacing poor design with better design; improving the conditions in which people live, work, travel and take leisure; and widening the choice of high quality homes, with the improvement within the transportation sector.

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