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The Unreliability of News Media

            In this essay, I will address an interview conducted by CNN's crossfire of John Stewart. I will explain his true motive for arguing, and what the media missed about his argument. I will provide an understanding as to why the media often can be hard to trust and also define what "news media" really is. Furthermore, I will argue why it is important to be media literate and what it means to actually know real news, and also provide reasons why it is important to know such things when watching the news. Knowing how to interpret what real news is essential for one because the news can be misleading with what they report. The article's that indicted John Stewart with a "win" missed the point because it was in his best interest to motivate the show to perform their journalistic duty as a real time news outlet for American citizens. .
             If you the audience agree that news does not always provide real time content and also understand that most news outlets report for headlines, and not actual news, then you can understand why I can prove that its hard to know when someone is even reporting real news. News Media should be reporting real time stories with as up to date precision of content as possible. The prioritization of information dispersed to the public, and timing, is of extreme importance when members of the public attain such news. With that being said, what is really considered news? There are multiple media platforms for vast amounts of news to be attained, so how can one really be sure you are getting the real news of the story? Each platform of news media like: internet articles, real time live reports on television, televised shows that report news, old videos on YouTube of news stories, newspapers, magazines, email and many other platforms all can have different effects on the viewer's perception of what it means for something to be considered as "news".

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