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Three Significant Global Issues

             Financial crisis, which started in the United States and then move to Europe , has now become global and requires a global response. According my opinion response should be based on solidarity and social justice that transcends national boundaries. It will be necessary to thinking about the role of financial markets in the economy and will be evaluated on how they work for citizens. Financial markets should be a means to prosperity and economic growth for all, including homeowners, ordinary people and the poor. In the European Union all members must signed the Maastricht Treaty, under which they promise to limit their deficit and debt levels. A lot of European Union member states, especially Greece and Italy, were able to evade these rules and camouflage their real deficit and debt levels with the use of complex currency and credit derivatives structures. Result of breach of these promises is a very difficult time for Europe union. Members state of European Union on 9-th May create the European Financial Stability Facility, which mission is to safeguard financial stability in Europe by providing financial assistance to euro area Member States. A lot of people believes is a good way to soften after-effects of financial crisis.
             Global Warming.
             Global warming is when the earth heats up (the temperature rises).┬áIt happens, when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the earth's atmosphere, which increases the temperature. Global warming is affecting many parts of the world. It makes the sea rise, that result the water covers many low land islands. This is a serious problem for many of the plants, animals, and people on islands. The water covers the plants and causes some of them to die. When they die, the animals lose a source of food, along with their habitat. Although animals have a better ability to adapt to what happens than plants do, they may die also.

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